Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stories from the family - Marriage Improved

Welcome to the fortnightly story from Christian Life Church, Shipley. Every fortnight we publish stories from the church family here at CLC. We believe in and serve a loving, caring God who desires to express His love towards us in all sorts of ways. These stories will tell you something of the type of God we love.

"As I have learnt to understand that God is interested in me for being me it has enabled me to see just how important relationships are. These relationships have made the times that I go around the mountains fewer, and the times that I see the mountains move greater. There are many things where my wife and I have seen mountains move, from times such as when we were struggling to have children. God moved the mountain in a powerful way, and we now have two wonderful children.

One of the other mountains that God moved in a way where we really didn't think was going to be possible was with regards to our marriage. It felt as though it was going nowhere; we both thought that we were doing everything that we could for each other but we just were not seeing it improve. A marriage course was run at CLC so we participated in the course and I think that the Godly wisdom that was in the course saved our marriage and gave us steps to take on a daily basis to help us communicate with each other in a way that is selfless. As we worked on the steps, it enabled us to love each other in a new way and we appreciated each other far more."

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