Wednesday, 29 September 2010

October Diary 2010

Sun 3rd 10.30am - Worship and Word
Sun 10th 10.30am - Worship & Word
Sun 10th 6.30pm - Prayer & Praise
Sun 17th 10.30pm - Worship and Word
Sun 24th 10.30am - Worship and Word
Sun 24th 6.30pm - 'Space' Worship Time
Sun 31st 10.30am - Worship and Word

Friday, 10 September 2010

Stories from the family - Not about rules

Welcome to the fortnightly story from Christian Life Church, Shipley. Every fortnight we publish stories from the church family here at CLC. We believe in and serve a loving, caring God who desires to express His love towards us in all sorts of ways. These stories will tell you something of the type of God we love.

"Having been born and brought up in church all my life, CLC is very different from any other church I’ve ever been in. I’ve learnt that Christianity isn’t about being good, or about rules and regulations to get right and get to heaven. Instead I understand now that it’s about a heart relationship with Jesus and other people and about living an abundant life now. I have also learnt how much God loves me, that I’m precious and special, that He delights in me and that relationship is everything."


Monday, 6 September 2010

Mini-Conference with Paul Hubbard

This coming week sees our apostle Paul Hubbard sharing with us in a number of meetings. Paul will be teaching on Friday evening @ 7:30pm and on Sunday morning @10:30am as well as at other meetings through the week for specific groups.

For more information please call the church office on 01274 531920