Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Stories from the Family - Free of Debt

Welcome to the fortnightly story from Christian Life Church, Shipley. Every fortnight we publish stories from the church family here at CLC. We believe in and serve a loving, caring God who desires to express His love towards us in all sorts of ways. These stories will tell you something of the type of God we love.

"Things were going OK. I was a nightclub DJ, had a good job, a new house, a new car every year and money in my pocket. Then things turned for the worst and our son Nathan Lee died at birth. He only weighed 2 pounds at birth and could not hold on.

I had to stay off work to look after my partner, which meant that I was not earning, so the bills piled up and piled up some more. Two years passed and we had another child, a girl who was fine but the bills kept on piling up. Three years passed and my partner had enough and left.
It all was too much for my head to handle so I decided to try and sort things out myself. The funny thing is the more I tried to get it sorted the worse it got. Whilst all this was going on my family decided to have a family feud and that put the icing on the cake.

Amongst this I had a visitor from the police to explain what was going on with the family and they asked how I was doing. I had lost the plot and told her exactly how I was doing! The police officer was very understanding and as she left she gave me a leaflet about debt counselling with a Christian organisation.

You can imagine my thoughts - The God squad is out to get me! After a week I finally rang the number and got an appointment to talk about my debts. It was a long process and I had to take the bankruptcy route in the end. It took 2 years to get my debts sorted out but in the meantime I met my lovely wife who had two great kids and we have been blessed with another. I became a Christian when my debts were getting sorted and I felt a great peace that someone was looking out for me helping me to understand the reasons why.

Ten years on and I have no debt. I don’t have to worry about money or how the gas bill is going to get paid. In fact I worry for nothing because God has promised to look after me, my wife and my kids. And He does."

For more information on the church family Steve belongs to please visit us at www.christianlifechurch.co.uk

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