Tuesday, 7 December 2010

stories from the family - healed of abuse

Welcome to the fortnightly story from Christian Life Church, Shipley. Every fortnight we publish stories from the church family here at CLC. We believe in and serve a loving, caring God who desires to express His love towards us in all sorts of ways. These stories will tell you something of the type of God we love.

My childhood was not the nicest! I suffered years of the most painful abuse of various kinds when growing up and as a result I felt insignificant and rejected. I heard that God loved me but it never actually meant anything to me. It just went in one ear and out the other. I just couldn’t accept it.

However, as I worked through the issues from my past and allowed God to heal my emotional wounds I can truly say that I now KNOW the Father’s love, acceptance and inheritance for my life without question, and am able to walk with Jesus in a freedom that I never thought I could lay hold of. I am a beautiful, precious daughter of the King of Kings, an heir with my Saviour Jesus. I am so grateful to God and for the people at CLC for showing me the way and working with me to bring me through to a completely new place.


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